What’s happening?
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Past Events:
2016: Dr. Noel Nannup with CVA volunteers
Installation of bird boxes January 2016

We now have 4 bird boxes installed on the southern side of the hill. Hopefully ring neck parrots will find them. If you see any activity in the boxes, please let us know through our facebook page.



Tree planting June 2015
Another successful tree planting day. Rain helped the seedlings to get established. Thanks to the City of Fremantle for the plants and everybody who came along.
Tree planting June 2014
This year we spent several weekends planting. Unfortunately we had some vandalism occur on the Clontarf Rd side of the hill. It was a disappointment to the volunteers who put in the hard work. 
Tree planting June 2013
Permanent seating and a table would help to relax after some hard work planting.
One Garden Fundraiser for Friends of Clontarf Hill September 2011
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